Sitting at your desk for several hours while beating all your deadlines and meeting other demands on a daily basis is quite a challenging experience. So, in order to achieve peak productivity and motivation, be sure to take regular breaks. This will help with your daily work performance while taking care of your mental and physical health.
Here are 7 effective strategies for making the most of your downtime.

1. Veer Away from Temptations

The social media barrier to workflows is consistently the most difficult hurdle to overcome. If you want to focus on a task, avoid using your phone as a distraction. Whenever you take a break, you can easily respond to all of your social media messages without feeling overwhelmed by your workload.

2. Exercise Your Eyes

Our tech-driven lives take a toll on our eyes. The majority of us spend more than ten hours per day on a digital device. Take a vision break throughout the day to avoid eye strain. For 20 seconds, you may look away from your computer screen and concentrate on an object at least 20 feet away. Dim the lights and position your screen to be the brightest in the room. Your eyes will strain if one section of your screen is brighter than the others. Eye strain can be minimized by using an anti-glare screen cover, regularly cleaning your screen, and avoiding close proximity to windows. Don't let yourself strain your neck or squint on your laptop screens while trying to read the screens.

3. Sit and Let Your Mind Wander

Daydreaming and zoning out are similar to meditation because they both allow your mind to wander freely. The less we burden our tired minds, the less stress we'll experience. It is important to allow your unconscious ideas to arise and be recognized in a state of daydreaming. Take time to recharge and reconnect with the wonders of life instead of just basking in the glorious length of the days and insane number of hours because you deserve it.

4. Move your Muscles

To help keep your daily schedule in balance, exercising is a great idea. This makes you work harder and helps you shed calories while having fun. Endorphins are released in response to exercise, and it is a good way to deal with stress. As well as improving your energy and focus. Even if you can't physically get away from your workstation, perform a brief five-minute stretch routine at your desk to keep your muscles in motion.

5. Spend Time with your Colleagues.

Go ahead and talk with your colleagues, even if it is only for a short time. You can use social interaction to distract yourself from work by interrupting your internal monologue, as well as get away from your schedule for a while. Avoid bringing your work into the discussion, as this will detract from the true purpose of this break, which is to rest your mind.

6. Touch Base with your Loved Ones.

Aside from spending time with your colleagues, you can opt to check-in with your loved ones - either your family or your closest friends - and just talk about non-work related topics for a few minutes. This is a great diversion from your deadlines and daily tasks and help build an even stronger relationship with your loved ones at the same time.

7. Fuel your Appetite.

Give your body a quick boost it needs. You can opt for a protein bar or drink or a simple healthy salad to fuel your engine with the best nutrients that you can intake in a short amount of time. You will definitely feel energized and ready to go back to work and finish all your tasks afterwards.
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