Every woman has her own purse, which she uses to carry a lot of her personal belongings whether she's heading to work or meeting up with friends at the mall. However, under the new normal, you'll need more than just a credit card and a phone to get through the day, as you'll also need to carry safety essentials to avoid getting bacteria and viruses.
So, grab your bag and fill it with these safety essentials to assure you’re safe throughout the day!

1. Surgical Mask Storage Case

Bacteria can easily be spread through the mask if it is left out on any surface or in a bag. Store them instead in a dirt-resistant storage case to ensure that they are always clean and safe. This will protect your mask from moisture and dirt while also preventing it from having cross-contamination with other items in your bag.

2. Portable No-touch Stick

Numerous public surfaces and buttons, such as door handles, are touched by different people. These surfaces serve as a growing habitat for hundreds of germs that humans may eventually come into contact with. So it's best to always keep a tool like the No-touch stick that prevents you from touching any surface directly. This tool can do more than just push buttons and unlock doors; it can also open drawers in your office using its claw-like feature.

3. Foldable UV Sterilizer Stick

Sanitize at any time with a portable, collapsible UV sterilizer stick that can be carried with you wherever you go. It can remove 99.9% of germs and mites from the surface of the hand while leaving no bacteria that generate odor. It's the most effective way to disinfect hard surfaces and other difficult-to-clean items without using any chemicals.

4. Alcopen

Reduce virus transmission with this easy, hand-held sanitizing spray pen, which is suitable for use at work or on the go. You may now easily sanitize your hands after completing a form or paperworks with this dual-purpose device designed to reduce the risk of people contracting or transmitting the virus.

5. Nano Mist Spray

For easy disinfection, carry a pocket-sized mist spray bottle in your purse. This portable mist sprayer is ideal for disinfecting a variety of surfaces. At the same time, it's quite easy to use and small enough to put in your pocket.

6. Plastic Mask Pouch

It's great to storage or organizer for small documents, bills, stationery, makeup, jewelry, USB cables, passport, and other small items. These pouches are portable, lightweight, easy to carry and can fit in your bag or your pocket so you can bring it anywhere at any time.

7. Nano Mist Sprayer

This handy portable Mist Sprayer can be used for disinfecting various surfaces (such as steering wheels, door handles, elevator buttons, computer keyboards, etc.) when filled with sanitizer. It also works perfectly as a personal hygiene device to disinfect currency, tables or just about anything.
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