Having a trusty office bag that you can use on a daily basis is highly important. After all, you do need a place to put the things you need for work. However, aesthetics should not have to be compromised just for the sake of functionality...because we believe that you can both! It is totally possible to express your personal style through the bag you choose to use for work.
Whether your bag is new, or old, tidy or messy, ironed or not, what you carry can make you look like an aspirational professional or like a college student that is coming back from class. So we are here to help!
As one of the top Corporate Gift Suppliers in the Philippines, here are our picks for the perfect bags to suit every office personality.

For the Artist-on-the-Go

Part of your company’s Creative Team and want to fully express yourself in what you wear and use? The perfect outfit for the artist-on-the-go such as yourself is a duffle bag with a quirky design that reflects your personality. These types of bags are also known for their wide space, which is great for placing office essentials. Show off your fun duffle bag as you express your creative ideas and brighten up every place you go.

For the Tech Savvy

The perfect office bag for your data and technology-related work is a good trusty backpack. Carrying equipment might be heavy so a shoulder backpack is a good fit for you. Having a functional backpack with compartments can also help you in having a place to store your tech essentials for work.

For the Classy Manager

Express class and credibility through your shoulder bag as you carry it to work. Shoulder bags are great accessories for their sophisticated look. This is a statement piece that can elevate your look when partnered with your best corporate uniform or business attire without compromising function. Besides the visual appeal, shoulder bags also provide functionality through the wide space to put your trusty work things in.

For the Finance Master

Look chic with a trusty briefcase-type of bag as you handle the financial aspects of your company. Briefcases are great for documents and other essentials. It will surely look great when paired with your office outfit and help you exude confidence and utmost credibility.
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